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2020-3-31 · The new 19C-1E is the industry''s first fully electric mini excavator. It lets you do a full day''s work on a single charge, giving you access to a whole new world of possibilities. JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions, especially in urban, air quality sensitive environments and enclosed spaces.

JCB 19C-1 Manual Quick Hitch – Rhinox-Group

Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch To Suit All JCB 19C-1 mini diggers. This quick hitch includes the following features: Made From Hardened Steel Heavy Duty Design Hi-vis Latch gives clear visibility when latch is engaged Captive Safety Pin Includes Pins & Spacer Shims Low Profile Design CE Certified  The quickhi

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2019-7-11 · If you continue without changing your settings, we''ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the JCB website. OK 021-38113000 ...

JCB 19C-1E"MacRobert"

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JCB 19c-1E Electric Mini Excavator | Excavator Tracks

The JCB 19C-1E electric mini excavator is safer for the environment, operators and bystanders, and is ideal for working indoors and in urban areas. • The 19C-1E operates completely free of electrical tethers. • Zero emissions and low noise levels make for safer working conditions. • JCB''s unique 2GO system safely isolates all the controls.

JCB 19c

 · doobin said: I''ll give you that. 23-24k!! Bobcat were around 22k for an E20 with twin aux to be fair (last year) E19 much cheaper at 20k, twin aux. Can''t see where the extra 2k is on the E20, let alone the extra 4k on the JCB. Makes 27k for an E27 seem cheap, and that was one of the more expensive 2.7 tonners I priced.

JCB 19C-1 | 1.9 Tonne Mini Digger | JCB

CHOOSING A COMPACT EXCAVATOR JUST GOT TOUGHER. The 19C-1 shares the same compact footprints as the rest of the range, however has greater tearout and lift capacity for customers with greater requirements. Max Dig Depth 2.819m. Operating Weight 1,943kg. Max Dump Height 2.818m.

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Na přání zákazníků společnost JCB vyvinula vůbec první elektrické minirýpadlo 19C-1 JCB E-TECH s nulovými emisemi. Nový elektrický model je vybaven stejným nastavitelným podvozkem jako vznětová verze a umožňuje maximální hloubku výkopu 2 576 mm s delším ramenem 1 100 mm. Elektrické rýpadlo 19C-1 JCB E-TECH dosahuje plné energetické kapacity 15 kWh.

JCB 19C-1 Hydraulic Thumb Grab – Rhinox-Group

Rhinox Hydraulic Thumb Grab Attachment to fit 1.5Ton Mini Diggers. Made from high-grade steel, these heavy duty thumbs are built to last. Ideal for grabbing logs, branches, curbstones, scrap metals, waste, or rocks. Why not pair the Rhinox Hydraulic Thumb Grab up with one of our Rake Riddle Buckets, or Land Clearance Rake, to really make your ...

JCB 19C-1E

Contact. JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions. That''s why JCB is introducing JCB E-TECH, a new generation of electric products with zero emissions at point of use that don''t compromise on performance. The new 19C-1E is the first of the electric generation and the industry''s first fully electric mini ...

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JCB 19C-1E Cab| Electric Mini Digger For Sale | JCB Store

The new 19C-1E is the industry''s first fully electric mini digger with zero emissions which is a part of the new E-Tech range. This machine lets you complete a full day''s work on a single change. ... The 19C-1E has exactly the same performance as the JCB 19C-1 diesel model. With an exceptional max dig depth, dump height, reach and tearout.

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2019-7-11 · 19C-1EJCB19C-1,48V,3415kWh20kWh。. 19C-1E,1100mm,2576mm。. 19C-1,、、、 …

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JCB 19C-1

The JCB New Generation 1-2 tonne range have been designed and built to withstand the toughest of job sites. They provide minimum downtime and maximum profits with long lasting components and easy, cost effective repairs. Adding to the line-up is the conventional tailswing 19C-1, ideal for the rental sector and for those looking for a premium ...

JCB 19C-1 Mini (up to 12,000 lbs) Excavators For Sale

Stock Code (CP2762) Model Year 2019 Clock Reads 1,400 Hours Perkins 3 Cylinder Engine Hammer Lines Expandable Tracks 2 Speed Tracking Rubber Tracks (230mm Width) 1x 90% Good Track 1x 50% Good Track...See More Details. Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing. View Details. 12.

JCB 19c-1 Mini Excavator

JCB 19C-1 PC. Net Power 14.5 hp. Operating Weight 3855.9 lb. ZX17U-2. Net Power 14.8 hp. Operating Weight 4078.6 lb. Compare. Find JCB 19c-1 Mini Excavator for Sale . 2012 JCB 8040 Mini Excavator (1 - 4.9 Tons) 10739 DUBAI, ARE. 2013 JCB 8018CTS Mini Excavator (1 - 4.9 Tons) 3344 MOERDIJK, NLD.

JCB 19C-1

KOMPAKTNÍ MINIRÝPADLO. Kontakt. Model JCB 19Z-1 patří do nové generace minirýpadel s provozní hmotností do 2 tun. Tento stroj byl navržen a vyroben tak, aby se mohl používat i v tom nejtěžším pracovním prostředí. Díky kvalitním dlouhodobým komponentům a snadné údržbě poskytuje minimální náklady s maximálními zisky.




2021-7-7 · JCB''s Finance team is always on hand to provide fast, flexible, competitive quotes. 2 The global network of JCB Parts Centres is another model of efficiency; with 16 regional bases, we can deliver around 95% of all parts anywhere in the world. Genuine JCB parts are designed to work in perfect harmony with your machine for optimum ...

JCB 19C-1

JCB 19C-1 JCB 19C-1 Mini/Midi rýpadl á Nová generácia mini rýpadiel Kontakt Model JCB 19C-1 patrí do novej generácie mini rýpadiel s prevádzkovou hmotnosťou do 2 ton. Tento stroj bol navrhnutý a vyrobený tak, aby sa mohol používať aj ...

Nowa Minikoparka JCB 19C

Re: Nowa Minikoparka JCB 19C - opinie. przez rudesmen » 04 Wrz 2018 23:36. Też mnie zaciekawiło co w niej takiego imponującego. Na szybko dane techniczne. Waga: 1943kg. Maksymalna głębokość kopania: 2,82m. Moc silnika: 15,7hp. Kabinę ma taką kanciastą, kwadratową. A to od razu skojarzyło mi się ze starymi modelami z początku lat ...

JCB launches 19C-1E Electric Mini Excavator Price, Specs

2022-6-14 · The new JCB 19C-1E Electric Mini Excavator is the first of the electric generation and the industry''s first fully-electric mini excavator. It lets you do a full day''s work on a single charge, providing you access to a whole new world of opportunities. Also Check: JCB Price 2022 . JCB Electric Mini Excavator 19C-1E Price 2022. Price:

JCB 19C-1 Buckets & Attachments – Rhinox-Group

The JCB 19C-1 is one of the newer JCB models to hit the market, with a weight of 1943kg (1.9 ton). This digger is very close to the mark within the 1-2 ton range, making it the heavier machine of its weight category. For this reason, Rhinox have developed the Xtreme-Performance (XP) buckets to be able to withstand the strength of this machine.

JCB 19C-1 | Compact Excavator | JCB

The 19C-1, a conventional tailswing machine available with cab as standard or available canopy, and operating weights of 4,211 lb (1,910 kg) or 4,034 lb (1,830 kg) respectively. ... 19C-1E ELECTRIC MINI EXCAVATOR. JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions with the JCB E-TECH, a new generation of electric products ...

JCB 19C-I Fiche technique (2017-2020)

JCB 19C-I Fiche technique (2017-2020) Classer cette machine maintenant! poids: 1.83t – Longueur de transport: 3.86m – Largeur de transport: 0.98m – Hauteur de transport: 2.345m – Largeur d` godet: 0.3m – Largeur chenilles …

JCB 19C-I excavator specs (2017

Check out detailed specifications, information and technical data for JCB 19C-I excavator manufactured between 2017 - 2020. Get more in-depth insight with JCB 19C-I digger specifications. See information, like: Weight: 1.83t – …

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